Frequently Asked Questions


1. What information do I need to start my submission?

Campaign Information required:

  • Campaign Title - We suggest keeping it short, engaging, and descriptive. Please do not include the brand name, agency name, or medium type as these will be on your entry in other areas and don’t need to be duplicated
  • Pharmaceutical Company Name, City, State
  • First Launch Date - The date that the work was first released to the market
  • Country of Origin - The country in which the work was first released to the market
  • Description - A brief synopsis stating the main objective and creative focus
  • English Language Translation(optional) - We strongly encourage you to dub or subtitle your non-English language videos into English or provide an English translation

We require a JPG to be submitted per each entry. The JPG will be used as the thumbnail during voting, on our websites, social media announcements, and printed materials.

Please remove credits/logos/slates indicating agencies or individuals before uploading media.  Please be sure agency names are not mentioned in the description. 


2. Do I have to create an account to submit my campaign?

Yes, in order submit your campaign, you will need to create an account. This will ensure that you are able to save and edit your submission through June 30th.


3. Why do I need to upload an image to every entry?

All entries require an image to be submitted as that image will be used as a thumbnail during voting. If you are a finalist or winner, the image will be displayed on the websites, social media announcements, and printed materials. 


4. Is there a time limit for case study videos?

We do not limit the time on case study videos but do strongly suggest keeping it under 3 minutes for judging purposes. See media requirements within each category for more information.


5. How long should my entry description be?

We do not limit your entry description by specific number of words, but do recommended keeping it to approximately 350.  This is a great location to provide context, expand upon concept, and further clarify the creativity of your piece.


6. Can I enter my work into more than one category? 

Yes, as long as it is pertinent to the specific category.


7. What are the categories?

Aesthetics/Dermatology: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Aesthetics/Dermatology: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Cardiovascular: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Cardiovascular: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Central Nervous System: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Central Nervous System: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Devices: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Devices: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Direct-to-Consumer:  (Drug advertising and can include OTC therapies, nutraceuticals, vitamins, etc): Health and Wellness (FDA Regulated)

Direct-to-Consumer:  (Drug advertising and can include OTC therapies, nutraceuticals, vitamins, etc): Health and Wellness/Consumer (Unregulated)

Direct-to-Patient: (Disease and Drug Education-focused):  Branded (FDA Regulated)

Direct-to-Patient: (Disease and Drug Education-focused):  Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated) 

Gastroenterology: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Gastroenterology: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Hematology: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Hematology: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Immunology: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Immunology: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Men’s Health: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Men’s Health: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Metabolic:  Branded (FDA Regulated)

Metabolic: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Oncology: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Oncology: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Ophthalmology: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Ophthalmology: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Pediatrics:  Branded (FDA Regulated)

Pediatrics:  Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Rare Disease: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Rare Disease:  Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Respiratory: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Respiratory: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Surgery:  Branded (FDA Regulated)

Surgery:  Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)

Women’s Health: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Women’s Health: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)



Veterinary: Branded (FDA Regulated)

Veterinary: Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)



8. Who should I list in the credits?

We do not require that all credit fields are listed, however, please note that all finalists and winner credits will be posted on the website, all press releases, and on social media announcements.  We highly recommend the following fields at minimum: Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter, Production.


9. Can I save my entry and finish it later?

Yes, you can always save your submission information and finish it later.  Please ensure you click “Save Your Campaign” before you exit the system.  You may edit your submission by clicking on the “Edit Submission” button.  Submissions can be edited anytime until June 30th at 11:59 PM EDT  

Full submission and payment is required by June 30th at 11:59 PM EDT.


10. How do I edit or change staff I listed on the credits after submission?

We will certainly accommodate credit updates after June 30th, however, we cannot guarantee that these will be reflected in all mediums in which the finalist and winner information is distributed.  Please email us at with the revisions.


11. What entry information do the Health Care Professionals review in their voting platform?

  • Basic campaign information including: Entry Title, Brand, Campaign Name, Entry Type, and Medium
  • All submitted media including:  Images, Videos, Audio Files, PDFs, and URLs provided
  • Entry Description and any applicable specialty fields (Where this ran, strategy, etc)

12. If my campaign is selected as a finalist or winner, what information is displayed on the website?

If your submission is selected as a finalist or winner, the following information will be displayed on the Pharmaceutical Executive APEX Award website and Pharmaceutical Executive® website:

  • Brand
  • Title
  • Entrant Company
  • Media (Images, Videos, Audio files)
  • Credits (Company and Individual)

13. What are the deadlines for submitting entries?

There are 3 deadlines for submitting entries.  

  • February 18, 2022:  Early Bird Submission Deadline ($395 per entry)
  • March 4, 2022: Standard Submission Deadline ($450 per entry)
  • June 30, 2022: Late Deadline/Submissions Close ($525 per entry)

All deadline pricing changes at 11:59 PM EDT on each deadline date.  

The entry fees are determined by the date your work was successfully submitted and payment processed.


14. What are the entry fees?

  • February 18, 2022:  Early Bird Submission Deadline ($395 per entry)
  • March 4, 2022: Standard Submission Deadline ($450 per entry)
  • June 30, 2022: Late Deadline/Submissions Close ($525 per entry)
  • All deadline pricing changes at 11:59 PM EDT on each deadline date.  

The entry fees are determined by the date your work was successfully submitted and payment processed.


15. Are additional APEX Awards available for purchase for winning team members?

Yes, additional APEX Awards are available for purchase here.  Only those listed in the credits are eligible to request personal credits on the award.  


16. What is the policy on shipping and refunds for duplicate statues?

As all duplicate awards are personalized, please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Shipping on US domestic orders has an additional shipping and handling charge of $15.00 per statue.  All international orders are charged a flat rate of $35.00 shipping and handling per statue.

As the awards are personalized, we do not accept refunds on any orders.


17. Can you explain the award selection process? 

Of course!  Voting will occur in 2 stages:

  • Selection of Finalists: An invited group of health care professionals will vote on the award within their specialty and/or area of expertise. Up to 5 top-voted submissions will be considered finalists and will be notified in early August 2021.
  • Selection of Award Winners: A general invitation to health care professionals will be sent to vote for the winners within their area of specialty/expertise.

Qualified voters will be invited to vote one time per category using email verification or other means. Pharmaceutical Executive® APEX Awards will be the sole determiner of the qualifications of potential voters and can disqualify any voter that does not meet our criteria or attempts to vote more than one time per category.


18. Are refunds possible?

There are no refunds after your entries are submitted.


19. When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced at the Pharmaceutical Executive APEX Awards On October 18, 2022.


20. Who are the qualified jurors?

What makes the Pharmaceutical Executive APEX Awards truly stand apart from other health care award shows is that our jurors are entirely made up of respected and experienced health care professionals. They’re the individuals who work to inform and convince every day, and now is their opportunity to recognize and celebrate the work that they believe is most compelling and effective.

Each juror will be targeted to judge their category of expertise.

With 7.6 million monthly visitors across 50 digital properties, MJH Life Sciences™ has unparalleled access to health care professionals in specific areas of expertise and will utilize these resources to organize juror panels to select the top 5 category finalists. The top 5 finalists’ campaigns will be sent, via targeted website access link, to our vast health care professional resources (specific to their area of expertise) to vote for the APEX award winners.

MJH Life Sciences™ delivers direct access and engagement of professional audiences by providing multichannel sources of trusted health care and scientific information that drives informed decisions. As the largest privately held, independent, full-service medical media company in North America, MJH combines the reach and influence of its powerful portfolio of digital and print product lines, live events, educational programs, and market research with the customization capabilities of a boutique firm. Clients include world-leading pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and biotech companies.

Pharmaceutical Executive® is a multimedia platform of MJH Life Sciences™ that offers news, opinions, analysis, features, and executive profiles. The magazine and its website serve as a forum for industry leaders to exchange opinions, experiences, and insights about innovative business and marketing ideas, strategies, and tactics. 


Questions still left unanswered? Please email us at or call (609) 325 4882.